The Veterans


British Army Veteran (2001-2006)

& Global Chief Operating Officer

“My time in the Army taught me that to lead an organisation effectively the leader has to understand the value of every role from top to bottom and be able to relate, communicate & motivate at each level with people from all walks of life.

I’ve found there’s a real diversity of experience and skills a Veteran brings when compared to civilians from mainstream educational and commercial backgrounds. In many industries, Veterans will be in the minority and this diversity of experience can therefore be a real value-add to organisations that index highly with people of similar civilian backgrounds.”


United States Navy Veteran (1995-2023)

& Programme Director

“Entering the military required physical, mental and emotional preparation. Once in, the training to earn combat-ready qualifications required an increased amount of rigour in those areas, but added toughness, resolve and resilience. My subsequent career gave me levels of experience second to none in areas including operations planning, managing people and resources, and working in diverse groups under intense pressure.
Did being in the military set me up for success after leaving?.. I contend it places me in a unique category head and shoulders above most without a similar background - absolutely, yes!”


British Army Veteran (1998-2021)

& Security Operations Manager

"The Veteran community continues to stand strong, bringing people together within a common mindset, language and ethos. There is a deep-rooted understanding that success isn’t an individual achievement. Success is judged by the reputation of the word Veteran is respected and remembered. 

Veterans Can... isn’t just a tagline - it is borne out of the knowledge and belief that no matter what, Veterans Can... We bring a willingness to strive for excellence whilst ensuring the task gets done. Maintaining the highest standards and highest percentage of operational output."


British Army Veteran (1995-2012)

& Specialist Patch Lead

"As a Veteran, My proudest moment has to be going for an internal job promotion. Despite being told by my manager at the time they were only interested in what I had achieved in the 2 years I’d already been with the company, that I was up against senior engineers with over 10 years of experience and that they would not interest in my 15 year military career or the subsequent 10 years as a security contractor. Challenge set! I sprung into that interview room with purpose, commanded the space with a relaxed and confident body posture, listened and answered thoroughly and made them laugh with a few dits of my mistakes and subsequent suffering! I was offered the role soon after and 4 years later I applied for another promotion, the role I’ve been in for 3 years now. Oh how wrong my first manager had been - but thanks!"


RAF Veteran (2002-2017)

& Founder, Trainer, Entrepreneur

"When in uniform, the military revealed to me the profound power of community and the undeniable strength we possess when we stand together, and what makes the Veteran community so remarkable is our innate sense of collectivism, problem-solving abilities, adaptability, and creativity - yes creativity! 
To my fellow Veterans, remember this: life beyond the uniform isn't a departure from greatness; it's simply a new chapter, one you're more than equipped to conquer. 
You can, You will, and without a doubt, You should!"


Royal Navy Veteran (16 years)

& Air Ambulance Pilot

"While retraining and qualifying as a civilian pilot is no simple matter, my greatest achievement since leaving the Navy remains helping medical crews to reach critically ill patients and carrying them to hospital as a HEMS pilot.

To me, while my time in the military taught me you can achieve more than you would have thought possible with determination, courage and the help of your oppos, as a Veteran I find it useful to be grateful for the good times, to learn from the bad but not to remain anchored in the past.”